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Turning 26?

We can help make the transition to your own plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC simple!

What you need to know as you turn 26 years old:

  • If you are currently covered by your parent’s insurance plan, you will no longer be eligible for that coverage as of your birth month.
  • Don’t be alarmed… we can help you with affordable health insurance.
  • If you work full or part-time and have an income, you might be eligible for a subsidy to reduce your premium through We complete this process for you.
  • Insurance is important and everyone needs to have it.
  • Call to speak to a licensed agent today (704) 527-4220 or fill in the contact form and an agent will contact you promptly either by phone or by email. You will work with a North Carolina representative that understands the area and knows the answers to your questions.

Our agents’ services are always free!